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Mismatched Bridesmaid Bouquets

Mismatched Bridesmaid Bouquets

Apart from the bridesmaid dresses mismatch, having different bouquets is also a great option. It’s a wonderful way to add some fun and characters to your traditional weddings.
Each bridesmaid could have a completely unique bouquet of colors and flowers! Don’t worry, the matching bridesmaid dresses would cohesively bring the whole look together .

For the bolder brides, each bridesmaid could have both unique bouquet and dress color. However, remember to keep the shade of the dress and the bouquet in the similar hue so the whole look is not too confusing, especially a larger bridal party and more color ranges.


Alternative, you could pick a color hue and having the bridesmaid bouquets with a range of color shades within this same hue. The choice of flowers could be the same or different. Love these looks!

For the more traditional bridal parties, you could have the same color for the bouquets but different choices of flowers.
White is always a great color for the effortless and elegant look.


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